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  • Ironstone Wellbeing Centre

Service Description

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is due to damage to the ‘synovial joints’. A synovial joint is a joint which is encased in a capsule filled with synovial fluid, this fluid acts as a lubricant and shock absorber for the joints in the body. In Osteoarthritis the process of the breakdown and replacement of this very important fluid becomes disrupted so break down happens faster than production. This leads to the cartilage within the joint wearing away which in turn leads to the main symptoms of arthritis, which are joint pain, swelling and stiffness. An Ostenil injection performed by a professional will relieve pain, reduce stiffness and improve joint mobility, it also reduces inflammation in the afflicted joint. The main component of synovial fluid is a substance called ‘Hyaluronic Acid. Research has now lead to the manufacture of an almost identical product called ‘Ostenil’. The treatment involves injecting this substance directly into the joint or soft tissue. This acts as an immediate lubricant and shock-absorber to immediately decrease pain and stiffness in the joint. More importantly it stimulates the cells that produce synovial fluid in the joints and helps restore the normal balance of breakdown and production to give long lasting pain relief.

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  • Ironstone Wellbeing Centre

    Ironstone Wellbeing Centre, Ironstone Place, Kettering, UK


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